Living A Simple Live Tips And Ideas

These days more and more people are embracing voluntary simplicity or they choose living a simple life. They are willingly to trade possession obsession for personal fulfillment. Consuming what it is necessary and be contented with just that. Yes, simpler living.

"living a simple life"Be conscious of what you genuinely need. In other words, a simpler life or back to the basics. Living a simpler life on less.

Check out this inspirational book entitled, “Get Satisfied“. It is packed with compelling personal stories of true satisfaction of everyday folks. You get to find out how these twenty people  who found the satisfaction of enough. Each one with his/her own  different take on what’s right at any particular time; favoring deliberate life choices over blind consumption and compulsion.

It was said that voluntary living concept started back in 1936 by a Quaker named Richard Gregg,who published an essay titled “The Value of Voluntary Simplicity”.  This minimalist way of life was then considered as a fringe lifestyle; popular only with limited followings.

It was in 2008 with the mortgage crisis, the banking meltdown, the rise in gas and food prices and, this voluntary simplicity movement started to catch on again and it has gone mainstream. People now see the benefits of simple living.

According to author of Voluntary Simplicity, Duane Elgin, he said that before people used to regard simplicity living as a path of regress. It was dismissed as a nostalgic desire to return to the past as an antidote to the impersonality of the fast pace of the city life. Simplicity was seen as turning back the clock. But now it is seen as a path to a new kind of progress and social vitality; vital for building a workable and meaningful future.

But then there are many folks who have chosen this kind of minimalist lifestyle voluntarily, not because of the faltering economy. It is their realization that owning so much stuff, doesn’t make them happier or a fulfilled life. In fact it cluttered up their life and brought burden to them as well. They realize there so much more to life. It’s about feeling satisfied, not deprived.

A simpler life is an authentic life of sheer bliss without mindless accumulation of possessions. They are free of the burden of having too much. They willingly make changes in their life and escape the cycle of work, consumption, debt, and stress.

You can find out from Jeff Yeager’s book, “The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches: A Practical (and Fun) Guide to Enjoying Life More by Spending Less” on to be free from debt and clutter, and to have a great time while getting there. Between jokes, Jeff Yeager advises readers to find financial security the old-fashioned way, by spending less than they make.

When we talk about voluntary living, the key word is frugality. Frugality is not about cutting corners, pinching pennies or living a fun-depriving life. But rather about how to spend less while still enjoying a well-balanced life. Living simply is being fully aware of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Taking about frugality, I am sure you can find lots of good tips from this book called “10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget“.

These are some useful tips and idea for those who is thinking of living a simple life.