Who Will Cry When You Die And Other Life Lessons

It is full of life lessons. This is what I found in Robin Sharma book, entitled “Who Will Cry When You Die?”. It is a very simple and easy to understand 101 nuggets about life, which I find them enlightening and entertaining.

"who will cry when you die"Basically this Robin Sharma book is full of encouragement words about finding peace, purpose and passion in your life. To lead a successful and a significant life. I agree with many of you who have read this book may find that what Sharma has offered is rather pretty obvious. But the relevancy of the message is still there for those who knows how to live life to the fullest.

Robin Sharma talks about making the opportunity to live the life you want and make it worthwhile. As I have said “Who Will Cry When You Die?” is not a deeply profound stuff, but simple words of encouragement, good ideas and advice. As one reviewer says: “If you’re listless or between jobs/relationships or struggling for a reason to get up in the morning, this little volume may just give you the [rear]-kicking you need.

You will find life lessons like: “Discover Your Calling,” “See Your Troubles as Blessings,” “Enjoy the Path, Not Just the Rewards,” and “Live Fully So You Can Die Happy.”

Keep this book next to your bed or in your briefcase/ purse or in your top desk drawer. Whenever you feel as though you’re just skimming on the surface of the day, pull out the book and open it up to a page at random. The advice won’t erase reality; it’ll give you another way of approaching it. How true. You will approve life a little different after reading the encouragement words of Robin Sharma book.

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