Great Life Lessons: Real Artist Ship

“Real artist ship” – Steve Jobs

This is another one of the many great life lessons. I am sure many of you out there are guilty of talking and planning, but still haven’t get your work done. Each time you tell people the same old tune, “I’m still working on it”. There are always reasons why you still haven’t complete your work not ready to show it to the world. For instance, don’t know how to come up with ideas, the public is not ready to accept your so-called radical ideas, etc.

"great life lessons"Do you know that successful entrepreneurs, writers or musicians finish what they start and then bring their new creations, ideas, products or services to market? They don’t keep spending their time trying to make it perfect. In other words, they don’t keep on working on it endlessly. They do their best and get it done. Then put it out in the market. And move on to do the next thing.

They are doers and not merely dreamers who love saying “I’m still working on it”. To them action speaks louder than words. They believe in their work.

My advice to those who still working on it, start doing and finish it. Get it done and ship it out. If you haven’t finished and showed or sold any of your creation, your composition, or your book, it is as good as not doing anything in the first place.

Have self-discipline and act on it now. Finish it. Ship it out to the public. Then do another another one. Stop dragging your feet and get it off the ground. This is how successful people reach the stars.

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”  – Bruce Lee