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Kris Carr aka “wellness warrior” and “healing junkie”is one woman of great strength and courage. For those of you who have never heard of her, she most famous for having cancer. Kris Carr is one crazy sexy cancer survivor.

You can learn many important life lessons from this best-selling author of three books (“Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips” and “Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor” and “Crazy  Sexy  Diet“).

woman of great strength and courage
Kris Carr Crazy Sexy Life

Kris Carr Story
Back in year 2003, then a 31-year-old actress was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in both her lungs and liver. To be exact, it is called epithelioid hemangioendothelioma; a vascular sarcoma And it was incurable and inoperable.

Kris Carr Cancer
Surprisingly, she did not go any treatment at all, just merely keeping it under medical surveillance. According to this brave lady, she just went out to live her life. Or what Kris Carr called it hitting the road on a deep healing pilgrimage.

As mentioned in her interview in Forbes, Kris Carr still lives with a rare form of liver and lung cancer for the last eight years, but it is stable. Her sudden wake-up call encouraged her to make a complete lifestyle upgrade inside and out. She has been consuming nutrient-dense plant-based foods, de-stressing, do exercise, and most of all, laughing it off and loving life. She even made an uplifting documentary about a young woman looking for a cure and finding her life called “Crazy  Sexy  Cancer”.

This optimistic and positive-thinking “cancerlebrity” has gone from from “cancer person” to “total wellness” guru.These days, she is living a full juicy life and sharing her own experience on  how to live a  healthy and happy life with the world.

Carr has even made a blooming career out of her own way of living and dealing with cancer. She has been traveling around the world to share with others what she’s learned on her own unique life journey, speaking at medical schools and hospitals, appearing at TV shows and countless publications.

Check out Kris Carr blog Crazy Sexy Life and learn more from this woman of great strength and courage. Learn from her blog or her books on how to live life to the max and laugh your way to wellness.