Living A Good Life The Simple Way

Do you know how to go about living a good life?  Below are seven steps which you can take to regain health and the joy of living a blissful life.

These comprehensive steps are from educator-nutritionist Svevo Brooks.

Svevo Brooks has been practicing old-fashioned common sense health care for many years now.

You can find the seven tips for health and happiness from his book “The Art Of Good Living.“.

seven steps on living a good life by svevo brooksLiving A Good Life The Simple Way

Brooks shows you how to recapture the glowing health and exuberance of youth with simple prescriptions for the good life.

You also get to relearn the art of relaxation, the joy of playful exercise, the benefits of clean air and pure water.

It is time to slow down and enjoy living a good life.  Check out the seven time-proven methods to wellness.

1. Upon rising, do a few gentle stretching exercises, breathing deeply  through the nose.

2.  Do some simple, practical things with your own hands. Work in the garden. hang clothes on the line. Bake. Sew. Carve. Draw a picture for a friend.

3. Take long , vigorous walk in the fresh air. Get to know flowers and trees, insects,  animals, children and neighbors. Walk tall, with good posture.

4. Close your eyes. Relax. Take a nap. Give yourself a few minutes of complete relaxation every day.

5. Establish a harmonious rhythm of living. Go to bed before you are overtired. Rise before the sun gets too high in the sky. Avoid taking on more work or responsibility than you can comfortably handle.

6. Actively work to preserve the beauty of the natural environment. make earth healthier for having lived on it.

7. Think and act positively. Laughter, smiles and kind words are powerful medicines. Feeling good is contagious. Infect other people with your own health and happiness.

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