List Of Life Lessons Learned From Living 50 Years Of Living

Here is list of life lessons which I have learned over the course of my fifty over years. Besides the 30 life lessons listed below, there are many other important ones too. For instance, I learned that people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. It is always our actions  that matter. As I have said we are what we do and not just what we think or how we feel.

"list of life lessons"Sadly these days,there is more said than done. From my own life experience, now I pay more attention to the latter than the former.

Another one of those important life lessons is that all significant accomplishments need taking risks; even to be happy.

Anyway, let’s checkout the list of life lessons:

1. Curiosity and imagination can lead to success

2. Who knows you is more important than who you know.

3. Happiness is not the absence of despair.

4. No need to be a perfectionist. Just be yourself.

5. Look ahead. There is nothing behind, except memories and regrets.

6. Knowledge comes from experience.

7. Experience makes us wiser, but time defeats us.

8. “Obeying rules” does not always lead to fulfillment.

9. Keep our expectation realistic.

10. Learn the art of letting  go of our unresolved grievances.

11. There are no right or wrong answers. Only the best answer will do.

12. You are what you do, and not what you think or how you feel.

13. The ability to laugh at ourselves is the best life antidotes.

14. It doesn’t matter big or small steps, as long as you’re moving towards your intended direction.

15. Change starts with a dream. But you act on your dream.

16. Decision is the only first step. But the doing is the step forward.

17. Forgiveness is something beneficial we do for ourselves.

18. Life is not birthdays or anniversaries, but living in the moment.

19. Every decision we make has consequences.

20. We are more concerned with our house than with our home.

21. Everything in life has a prize and price.

22. When you take risks, you will lose less.

23. Be true to yourself.

24. Live with no, or at least fewer regrets.

25. What we have is now and here.

26. Life is not a rehearsal. The show must go on.

27. Don’t bother with the meaning of life. Just enjoy it while you can.

28. Don’t fight with reality; you will lose for sure.

29. Stay out of trouble is easier than get out from trouble.

30. Be grateful you can still read this list of life lessons.