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Do Reality Check  In Lucid Dreams

When I first experienced lucid dreaming (aware that I am dreaming) back in my teenage days, I thought it was strange. I did ask myself in the dream, “Am I dreaming?” I never mentioned it to anyone then. The sensation was rather odd and uncertain. So I just kept it to myself and enjoyed it, when it happened.

I discovered I could control or manipulate it, but the only problem was staying in lucidity. At that time, I just managed to stay lucid for a few minutes and then it slipped away and I woke up. I did not know how to prolong or extend my lucidity and how to confirm myself whether I am in a dream.

reality check lucid dreaming

From what I have gathered from various sources, you can look for dream signs ( a form of realty check) that occur in your dreams. The other induction techniques are keeping a dream journal and building up dream recall.

Today I am going to share with you about reality checks or tests which can help to trigger lucid dreams, as suggested by lucid dream researchers.

So what actually is a reality check?
It is a way to verify whether it is a dream or is it a real life. In fact there are  various ways to  perform a reality check, which include looking at your own hands, look at a mirror, look at a digital clock, try to levitate, etc.

I know many of you will definitely ask me this: “How can I still remember to do reality test when I am in a dream?” Or even ask myself whether or not I am dreaming in the first place.

What I am going to tell you do, may sound silly. But it is how it works, though.

You see, before you are able to remember to perform reality checks in your dreams, first you need to practice reality checks in real life or waking time. For example, at any time, you just try to levitate yourself off the ground like a magician. Of course, I know you can’t do it in real life (remember, earlier, I said it sounds silly!). Just do it every now and then.

After frequently doing this so-called silly levitation act, your mind will register it. So next time, if you are in a lucid dream, you will automatically remember to test yourself whether you can levitate. And if you can levitate off the ground, then you consciously know you are dreaming.

Another example, is looking at clocks or watches. Again, every now and then, during your waking life, just take a good look at the clock or your wrist watch. If it is a dream, the timepiece has either fuzzy or no figures at all.

By doing reality checks in your waking life, you will soon do them in your dreams. This will snap your conscious mind to realize that you’re in a dream.

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