Funny Christmas Video Clips:White Christmas And Santa’s Stuck Up In The Chimney

Yes, Christmas season is in the air and I am already in the Christmas mood, singing those heart-warming traditional Christmas carols.

Talking about Christmas songs, these days we can find lots of entertaining and even naughty Christmas video clips over the internet.

Here are my two all-time favorite funny Christmas video clips.

The first one is an animated clip featuring Father Santa singing¬† “White Christmas” with the four reindeer under the glowing full moon, amidst the falling snowflakes.

The soundtrack is actually sung by “The Drifters” and the cartoons are drawn by Joshua Held.

Watch Father Santa Claus tapping his skinny black boot to this bouncy tune!

The next funny Christmas animated video clip is Paul Evans’ Christmas song, “Santa’s Stuck Up In The Chimney”.

The animation was created by Llyn Hunter.¬† Enjoy, Ho…Ho…Ho…