The Sure-Fire Way Of Saving Money To Own Object Of Desire

We always read and hear the cliched advice of setting your goals if you want to achieve your dreams.

That includes the issue of saving money, so that you get to make your favorite or dream purchase.

Be they the objects of your desire; a stylish time-piece, a sleek flashy car or a vacation home by the blue sea.

sure-fire way saving moneyWhen we think about saving such a huge sum of money to own your favorite thing is so uncertain and almost impossible.

In short, we will never make it. Sighs.

So, how can we go about it?

Sure-Fire Way Saving Money

What you should do is stop thinking about how to save that large amount of money in one go.

If you do, believe me, you will never get to live in that palatial home by the glistening blue water.

Here is one workable method which I learned from a friend of mine.

Automatic Savings Plan

This is what you do.

Firstly, estimate roughly the maximum amount you could possibly save for each month.

Then set up automatic payments from your paycheck or earnings toward your goal.

Of course, this monthly saving goal will not work out perfectly as planned.

At certain months, you might need to spend more than as planned.

Don’t worry, let it go. You just have to accept it and adjust it as required.

But remember in the meantime, you’re still saving some money each month.

I agree that automatic savings plan does not only make saving money easier, it actually makes spending less irresistible.

Let Go Of Willpower

I personally find this method works is because I don’t have to fight with my willpower.

If you have money in hand, you are more tempted to use it at your disposal.

We all know that most of time when we struggle with our willpower, we lose.

Telling yourself to spend less is basically arguing with your willpower.

Don’t bother. Leave your willpower alone, and instead let automatic savings plan fight over the temptation of spending your money.

This is definitely a much better and doable way of achieving your dreams.

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