How To Self Motivate With Fresh Flowers

There is this personal favorite tip of mine on how to self motivate . It is from Steve Chandler’s 1996 edition of “100 Ways To Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life forever”.

Interestingly it is the last or the #100 way, titled Buy Yourself Flowers. Steve Chandler suggested that you buy flowers which are beautiful to you. Put them in your working space, where you’ll see them easily. Chandler said that every time when you look at them, let them remind you of how colorful your future is going to be, how fresh your thoughs are, how easy it is for you to honor yourself, how much power you have to make your environment beautiful and how sweet the smell of the universe can be.

"how to self motivate"Many of you may find this self motivating tip nothing unusual and even kind of silly or frivolous. Maybe the last part where he said “how sweet the smell of the universe can be“. Personally I find that line sounds corny and trite. While the rest, I find them inspiring.

In fact I have been putting up fresh flowers in my working room, after reading that tip on how to self-motivate from Steve Chandler’s book. Each time, if I feel uninspiring or werisome, those fresh brightly-hued flowers instantly remind me of Chandler’s #100 way to motivate yourself. It works for me, though.

We all need some kind of stimulus to trigger our emotions. It can be a scene from a movie, a line from a popular song or even a whiff of scent. As for me, I find the colors and scent of fresh flowers stimulating and invigorating.