guy kawasaki the art of the start

Start A Successful Money-Making Blog With The Help From Guy Kawasaki’s Book

If you are thinking of starting a blog, then I suggest you read Guy Kawasaki’s book “The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything“.

Take note, this 11-chapter book is NOT about blogging or how to make millions with a blog per se. But the advice can be used as a guide to help you to build a successful site.

guy kawasaki the art of the startStart A Successful Money-Making Blog With The Help From Guy Kawasaki’s Book

According to Mr Kawasaki, it’s all about doing and not learning to do;how to turn ideas into action.

Here is quick guide the most important things an entrepreneur (or a blogger) must accomplish.

1. Meaning or Reason

Ask yourself this question. What is the reason of starting this new blog? Or what is the meaning of coming out with this new blog of yours? Why do you do it?

You need to know the precise answer. It is NOT about making money out of your blog or become a famous blogger.

According to Guy Kawasaki, successful companies (or blogs, as for your case) are built around one of three kinds of meaning:

i) Improve the quality of one’s life.

ii) Right a wrong.

iii) Prevent the end of something good.

Ask yourself this question: “If your blog never existed, the world would be worse off because….”

2. Make Mantra

He advises you to forget about making mission statements. Instead use your meaning and make it short and relevant mantra out of it. Remember a mantra is not a tag line.

According the author, a tag line is for the customers (for your case is readers) as a guideline for them on how to use your product or service.

He shows us five examples of a good mantra

Authentic athletic performance (Nike).

Fun family entertainment (Disney).

Rewarding everyday moments (Starbucks).

Think (IBM).

Winning is everything (Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers)

In other words, a mantra is what you do. For those of you who want to start a blog, then ask yourself what does your blog do?

It can be: bring people closer (relationship blog), affordable healthy food (food blog), or stop wasting time (a blog on productivity or time management).

3. Get Going

Just do it. Build a  prototype, offer your service, etc. As for your case, launch your blog, right away.

The key point is get moving. No more procrastinating. The enemy of activation is cogitation, says Guy Kawasaki.

The main things of getting going are:

i) Think Big.
Don’t just create another so-so blog. Aim high and go for something grand or extraordinary.

ii) Get Soul mates.
According to Kawasaki, successful companies are started, and made successful, by at least two, and usually more, soul mates. You should get together a couple of like-minded folks to help you out.

iii) Polarize People
The message of this tip is you can’t please everyone. Just aim for your target readers.

iv) Design Different
There is more than one ideal way to design products and services. Or a blog.

There are four different approaches of design.

a) The Stuff You Want.

b) Your Employer Couldn’t or Wouldn’t Do It.

c) It Can Be Done

d) A Better Way of Doing It

vi) Use Prototype As Market Research
It means, don’t dilly-dally with research. Just do it and push it out.

Create your blog and launch it. It doesn’t need not to be perfect. Once your readers love your site, then only you revise it.

4. Define Your Business Model

Ask yourself these two questions:

– Who is your paying customers?
– How are you going to get their money?

To put it in another words, firstly you need to know who your targeted customers (readers) are and what are their needs. Then how are you going to come out with a sales mechanism which can ensure you can make money.

A quick tip to answer the above questions. Number one is to be specific, next is keep it simple and thirdly, copy somebody.

Get Guy Kawasaki’s classic book and start an amazing and successful blog now.