What Do I Think Of Myself List

Just end of last month, I just quit my ever-stressful job, which was taking a toll on me for the past over ten years. Now I can afford to focus on things that are important and meaningful to me, which includes taking vacations, helping out charities or community causes and spend more time reading.

The phase of “the days are long, but the years are short” are over. Now I choose to live more consciously and make better deliberate choices from now on. It is time to play and have fun in my life again. Living well is a blessing.

what do i think of myself

Here is a short list of what I think of myself:

1. What makes you happy?

When someone looks deep into my eyes and utters a genuine “heart-felt thank you“. That is suffice.

2.What is more important to you now?

As I’ve just quit my stressful job, now I want to live well and find ways to savor simple pleasure in the things I do every day. In addition, to live a healthy lifestyle and devote myself to the causes that inspire me.

3. What was most important to you 10 years ago?

It was my job performance; which includes keeping up with the demanding deadlines and also keeping my sanity at bay.

4. What is on top of your bucket(wish) list?

To reclaim my zest for living a juicy life together with my soul mate. It was sapped away from me by my grueling job then.

5. I want…
to do simple little things to make life more beautiful, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. It could be just a reassuring pat on the back of someone in distress, laugh aloud to myself more often, or simply making funny faces at little kids and hoping to watch them giggle silly.