Uplifting Story Of The Day: Johnny Barnes Hamilton Bermuda

Uplifting story of the day: Johnny Barnes from Hamilton Bermuda;aka Mr Happy Man of Bermuda. Almost every day, rain or shine, you can see this 88 year-old pensioner stands at Crow Lane roundabout, smiling, waving and saying “I love you” , “Have a good day” and “God loves you,” and blowing  kisses to every passing commuters during the morning rush hour into Hamilton.

uplifting story of the day
Mr Happy Man Johnny Barnes

This famous man of Bermuda, Johnny Barnes wears a jerkin, trousers and a broad-brimmed straw hat has been blowing kisses, spreading goodwill and joy at the Crow Lane since 1986. You can say he is one of the happiest people on earth.

It was one morning on his way to work, he decided to stop at the roundabout and began smiling, greeting and waving to strangers. For the last two decades, Mr Happy Man has spent his life spreading happiness in his own way. “Mr. Feel Good” Barnes has been known all over the world for his ever-friendliness and happiness.

johnny barnes bermuda
Johnny Barnes Bermuda: Wikipedia

In 1998, the Spirit of Bermuda Trust commissioned a famous local sculptor Desmond Fountain to come out with  a life-size bronze statue of Johnny Barnes. It was placed near the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, overlooking the entrance of East Broadway.

According to  report, “Bermuda’s Friendliest Man” Johnny Barnes said that the secret of life is the world is made for love.

Last year (2011) an American film director Matt Morris produced and directed a documentary entitled “Mr Happy Man” about Johnny Barnes. Watch Mr Happy Man preview below:

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