Uplifting Story: An Old Lady Saved By Pizza

To quote  Sally Koch: “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” Here is an uplifting story of  hope, courage, unselfishness and inspiration which should make you feel good about those calories-laden pizza. Do you know that pizza could save someone’s life, so to speak?

"uplifting story"Well, this is what happened to 82-year-old Jean Wilson of Memphis, Tennessee. It is reported that every day for the past three years, Jean Wilson has ordered a large, thin-crust pepperoni pizza and two diet cokes from Domino’s Pizza.

It was this concerned Domino’s delivery driver Susan Guy who suspected something was amiss when when she found out Jean Wilson had suddenly gone three days without ordering her daily pizza.

Susan Guy went to Wilson’s home and then called 911. Police broke the door down and found Wilson lying on the floor, where she’d fallen two days ago.

Guy felt there was a possibility that something must have happened to this old lady. This is was based from her own experience, where numerous times when she came home to find her cancer-stricken mother stuck on the floor after a fall. [image]