Uplifting Stories:Homeless Ted Williams With A Golden Radio Voice

Here is one of those uplifting stories from the streets. One of the streets in Columbus, Ohio, to be exact. An unemployed man named Ted Williams who used to live on the street, soliciting change from passerby with his mellifluous baritone radio voice.

"uplifting stories"

A videographer-cum- reporter from the Columbus Dispatch noticed jobless Ted Williams holding a piece of tattered cardboard which said that he has a God-given voice. The reporter recorded scruffy-looking Ted Williams speaking with his golden radio voice.

When that video clip was shown it became viral. According to news report, this down-and-out Brooklyn nativeĀ  Ted Williams was trained to be a radio announcer before drugs and alcohol ended his career. Since then he had been begging on the side of a road in Columbus, Ohio.

Today, our once homeless beggar Williams has a full-time job as a voice-over artiste with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a house too. [source]