Taking A Train Across The Country

If time permits, do it today. Take a break. Go on a holiday. The present moment is all you have for now. As for me is, talking a train ride across the country.

Whenever any opportunity arises, I will jump onto the next train ride. Taking train rides is my passion. Probably because I was fascinated and influenced by all those murder mystery, musical, and romantic Hollywood movies featuring train rides.

Savor the fun and the romance of taking a train across country

There is nothing more romantic and fun than train rides. Seated alone or side by side with your loved one, you get to view magnificent scenery whizzing past through your window. There’s time to sip your cup of favorite tea, read a good book or to snuggle, to kiss, to nap and even to dream.

Whether you board a scenic train, an overnight train, or even scenic commuter trains, you will never forget those magical moment as the train trudges down the tracks.

Jump onto the train ride of your life now, or you might miss it for good.

In the meantime, enjoy this 1945 black and white old film noir clip: “Lady On A Train”.