How to Live Life Without Regrets

I have been asked many a times before: How to live without regrets? Is it possible? We all want a simple, successful and a uncluttered life A charmed life which is fun, fulfilling and meaningful. And most of all without regrets.

how to live life without regrets

We hope to look back without any trace of painful regret lingering behind.

Here are 8 useful tips on how to live without regrets or at least with minimum regrets:

1. Make A Bucket List. Come up with a life list or “bucket list”. Those things which you really want to do before you die. As I have mentioned before, writing them down will increase your resolute and will help you achieve them. Some of items which you can do them right away. Then there others which might take time or money. But anyway, just jot them down will intensify your wish.

2. Offer To Help Others. One of the most fulfilling things that you will ever do in your lifetime is helping other people. To truly reach your full potential and live a full life you have to help other people. Doing good makes you feel good. The more you help people the more you will be helped and fulfilled

3. Never Hurt Anyone. Be it physically, mentally or emotionally. Never leave any hurt behind. If you have hurt someone inadvertently, then quick make amends. Forgive and forget, and move on.

4. Think Carefully And Rationally. We all have to go through life making decisions. Especially those big or important decisions, for instance a major job offer, getting married and even getting divorced. Or making comments which could end up hurting people. Take your time to think carefully and rationally. Don’t rush or lose your cool and screw it all up.

5. Get Along With Important People. We all make acquaintance with so many people through our school years, college days, working life and living in different neighborhood. Remember life is short. Be selective with whom you mix with. Keep those important and positive people in your life; your family and real close buddies.

6. Keep Some Saving. When they say throw cautions to wind, it doesn’t mean you toss everything away. Keep some money in hand. We all need it at any time, as long as we are alive. Unpredictable things come up. Money you’ve saved is there to cushion you in time of need.

7. Get Rid Of Trivial Stuff. Our life is full of small trivial stuff . It is time to put things in perspective. Honestly ask yourself whether many of this small stuff is really that important or valuable. Evaluate things in It is time to get rid of clutter. De-clutter your life. De-clutter your house. Only value important stuff.

8. Stay Healthy Always. Never ever neglect your health. Take care of it every day. As you have heard health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Being healthy is basic towards happiness, success and harmony for all of us. So, eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly and also think positive.