Do You Believe In The Power Of Belief?

I have always been fascinated with the definition of word BELIEF, the power of belief and why we believe.

So, actually what is a belief? Some said it an assumed truth or an illusion of reality. Even if you don’t believe is in the power of  belief, is also a belief itself.

"the power of belief"You have heard the expression “seeing is believing”. But often people can only see what they have already decided to believe, rather than believing what they see. In other words,  they do not believe what they see, they rather see what they have already decided to believe.

The Law of Belief states that whatever you believe with feeling, commitment and intention, it will become your living reality; whether you like it or not.

It is said beliefs are basically a combination of fact and fictitious perspectives we have about life, ourselves and others. Beliefs are interpretations of events, circumstances and life experience.

Beliefs are filtered reality and experience. We don’t actually see reality as it is, but rather how we perceived it to be. In other words, beliefs are based on incomplete and biased sensory perspectives that have been conditioned and programmed over time through our memories of past events, circumstances and experience.

So, our beliefs are actually our own interpretations of events, circumstances and life experience. Any information that is inconsistent or contradictory to the beliefs, they would definitely reject. Now you know why it is difficult to convince someone of your opinion or perspectives if they have already developed a strong alternative belief about the information or perspectives.

In addition, if there is a strong emotional involvement associated with a belief, than the stronger the conviction, and the more steadfast this person’s perspective is going to be.

Hence, they will reject instantly any and all information, no matter how logical it may seem, if it isn’t consistently in synced with their conditioned patterns of believing.

As we all know our beliefs determine how we behave. We just consistently act as according to the pre-programmed beliefs we have about the world, ourselves, others, events and circumstances, without questions. These beliefs have already wired inside us.

We can say our beliefs determined our reality. As I have said earlier, we do not believe what we see, but rather see what we have already believe.

So you can have life-enhancing beliefs which make you feel good and optimistic. On the other hand, you can also have negative beliefs or self-limiting beliefs about yourself; that make you feel bad and hinder your potentials. The thing is you will accept your beliefs willingly. Even though if it is NOT true, you will still believe it, as I have explained above.

Now you can see the possible impact these negative and self-limiting beliefs can affect your life. They limit your opportunities, behaviors and actions without your consciousness or awareness.

Your self-limiting beliefs disarm your ability to think effectively, to make sensible decisions and to take proactive actions in life. If you are have problems like procrastination, stress, self-doubt, worry, anxiety or fear, then it means you have let your self-limiting beliefs controlling your life’s reality.

As I have mentioned about the Law of  Belief, when you believe with feeling, commitment and intention, it will become your living reality. So, in order to fight off your negative and self-limiting beliefs, you need to reject them with full feelings and emotions.

It is your feelings and emotions that empower your beliefs. Therefore cultivate your positive life-enhancing beliefs with full intense feeling.

You have to change your thinking. Change your thoughts. Choose your own life-enhancing positive, optimistic and successful thoughts if you want to change your life.  Remember my last post on the power of thought?

If you want to be successful, then one good way is to model the beliefs of successful people. As the English philosopher said, “The very best proof that something can be done is that others have already done it.” Read and find out how these successful folks approach their live, relationships, goals, problems and life experiences. You can read more from T. Harv Eker’s popular book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind“.

It is time to change your beliefs about yourself.  Or what we called self-concept. As you have already knew that beliefs are largely subjective. They are NOT based on facts, but rather based on information you have taken in and accepted as true,or rather assumed true. (source)