Kiss That Frog To Turn Negatives Into Positives In Life And Work With Brian Tracy

Today let’s talk about how to turn negatives into positives in life and work. Practically every one of us want to be happy, peace of mind, physically and mentally healthy and full of excitement at being alive. Enjoy your work, having wonderful relationships with your loved ones and other people in you life.

But if you are not happy and dissatisfied in any area of your life, then something is not right in your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is all about you and you yourself can do about it.

The other day at a local bookstore, I came across this latest book by Brian Tracy together with her daughter Christina Tracy Stein, called “Kiss That Frog: 12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives In Your Life And Work“.

Frankly it was the attractive book cover together with the interesting title which caught my attention. I browsed through it and personally I found this handbook provoking and inspiring, to say the least.

kiss that frog negatives positives

It is not something really extraordinary. In fact, many, if not all the tips offered in this book are quite ordinary. I have read countless books and listen to lots of tapes and CDs on self-improvement. But then, this “Kiss That Frog” is a helpful and practical guide for those who really want to free of their self-imposed limitations and turn negatives into positives.

It shows you how to take personal responsibility to achieve a rewarding, successful, healthy and happy life. So you get to live the life of your dreams.

It is packed with simple and powerful doable techniques and strategies which you can do right away to transform from negative thinking to positive thinking, thus become a more confident person who is ready to take the world by the horns and live an extraordinary life.

It is a simple and easy-to-understand book and I put it at my bedside. Each night before I doze off for the day, I may read through some of tips to keep me inspired.

I agree with Post Williams, author of best-selling book “Leadership Excellence”, this winner from Brian Tracy “Kiss That Frog” is a life-changing read.

Whatever it is, it is still up to you to take action. Yes, action is everything. Ultimately you are the guru of your own life.