Cannot Move Body While Sleeping | Sleep Paralysis

Awake But Cannot Move My Body
I am sure most of you have encountered this freaky and scary experience when are sleeping. Suddenly you find that you are unable to move your whole body, as if you are paralyzed.

Many a times, when I have sleep paralysis, I have this frightening hallucinations of an intruder breaking into my room through the window. When I tried to shout there was no voice coming out from my mouth.

Most of my sleep paralysis are filled vibrations together with loud buzzing sound in my head, as if my brain is going to burst. I would try to move my body, but in vain. And when it eventually goes off, I wake up feel exhausted , stressed out and horrified.

Then if I still lie down on my bed, this frightening form of paralysis will try to “possess” me again, as I about to doze off, or what they called sleep onset ( transition from wakefulness into sleep). To keep it from coming back, I would force myself to be wide awake. Normally I would force myself to sit up on my bed or go to the toilet to wash my face. If I am still lying down, to keep myself awake for awhile and to keep sleep paralysis at bay, I just lift up one of my arms above my head. And when it tries to return, my arm starts  to jerk, as if I am having a spasm.  Try it out for yourself  the next time when you just wake up from a sleep paralysis.

awake cannot move body sleep paralysis

How To Get Out Of Sleep Paralysis
From my own experience, the best way to get out from a sleep paralysis is don’t forcefully fight back. Just relax and bear with it until it goes away. Since you have already experienced this horrifying sensation before, the next time around, tell yourself not to panic. It is just a normal occurrence. To keep it immediately from coming back, get yourself up from the bed for a few minutes.  Keep awake for awhile. Then only go back to sleep.

I Can’t Move My Body When I Wake Up
According to some sources, a sleep paralysis happens when you are falling asleep, or when you awakening. It usually comes together with terrifying hallucinations and a sense of panic.

It usually happens to me when I am very tired or when I sleep late. I can’t move my body while sleeping. Before I came to know more about sleep paralysis, I thought I was the only one suffering from this strange horrifying attack. You can find out more about sleep paralysis, false awakening dreams  and other topics related to lucid dreaming in Celia Green and Charles McCreery’s book “Lucid Dreaming: The Paradox of Consciousness During Sleep“.