Sites Related To Christmas In The Good Old Days: Lighting, Music, Handicrafts, Stories, Etc.

Here are some interesting and informative sites all related to celebrating Christmas back in the good old days. They are filled with well-researched writeup and rarely-seen pictures of olden days electric Christmas lighting used in America, old dime store Christmas village houses, ancient trains, traditional homemade paper crafts for Christmas display, X’Mas classic stories, seldom-heard old Christmas recordings and many more.

old christmas tree lights

Old Christmas Tree Lights
This is one brilliant site glowing with illustrated history of electric Christmas lighting industry and the businesses behind them. Read it all at:

Putz Houses
For those of you who are fond of miniature quaint houses aka as “putz houses”, then go to:

christmas cardboard houses

Cardboard Christmas
Back in late 1880s, many North American homes put up cardboard candy box in the shape of little houses around the Christmas tree. Find out more about from:

An In-Depth History of The Old Dimestore Christmas Village Houses
Another similar site about miniature old houses  over at:

Antique Candle-Powered Chimes
Whirligig Christmas is a site specially about candle-power Christmas-themed chimes, such as those produced in Germany and Sweden in the early 20th century.

antique candle powered chimes

Read more from:

big christmas trains

Big Christmas Trains
Old trains chugging through the snow-filled villages have always been associated with Christmas season. This site is about electric trains that are used to decorate for Christmas, or any trains that are used only during the holiday season. They may be set up indoors or out; they may run around trees or around towns.

Its all are here:

Family Christmas Stories
Here you find Christmas classics, as well as contemporary Christmas stories for your own personal reading or reading aloud to your family during the Christmas season.  Get them from:

Traditional Christmas Paper Crafts
If you love to make your own traditional paper craft ideas date back to the days when most families made most of their own Christmas ornaments, then follow the link:

Family Christmas Music
You can find traditional Christmas carols and their stories all right here:

Vintage Christmas Recordings
If you want to listen to vintage cylinder recordings of Christmas tunes back from 1908 onwards, then you should check out this site:

vintage advertising christmas lights

Vintage Advertising Christmas Lights

Check out this site on vintage advertising on Christmas lighting.  Click:

old time christmas radio shows

Old Time Radio Christmas Shows
Recordings from old radio shows, which include Bob Hope Christmas Show, The Gift Of The Magi, Burn & Allen Christmas 1940, Sherlock Holmes – Adventure of The Christmas Bride, etc.

Listen them at:

Here is another  fabulous site with old time Christmas radio shows of  dramas, music and variety shows.  It is over at: