creativity now book by Jurgen Wolff

Want To Know How To Get Inspired And Create New Ideas Easily?

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” — Ayn Rand

It is a fact. At times, we feel inspired, and endless ideas literally keep bubbling inside your head.

Then at times, we are stuck with not an iota of idea. The most frustrating part is we often feel the least creative precisely when we need to be the most creative.

Here is one great book called “Creativity Now: Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen!” by Jurgen Wolff.

This is one book you should keep it by your side at all times as a reference to generate any new idea when needed.

creativity now book by Jurgen WolffIn this book “Creativity Now“, you find easy doable tips, simple tricks, inspiring stories and practical examples, innovative exercises to stimulate your mind.

Personally I have tried them out, and they can easily trigger your creativity. Thus, you will unlock and unleash continuous flow of ideas on any topic.

It is divided in four main parts:

DREAMING – quick methods to get you into a more creative frame of mind

ORIGINATING – innovative ways to generate new ideas

VARYING – how to improve and improvise existing ideas

ADAPTING – overviews of other people’s methods and transform those ideas into amazing creative realities.

What I like about this book is Wolff guides you through the whole creative process; from getting you into a creative state to generating ideas, which you have thought they exist.

One valuable and inspiring aspect of this book on creativity is he shows you twenty-five real case studies. This part alone is worth getting the book.

Even the book itself is specially designed to get you into the creative mode right away. You will be inspired and stimulated by the colors, the layout, cartoons, antique art and the typography used in each page.

You may not agree or like some of his ideas, but I am sure you will find some gems in there that can help you instantly find a way generate new fresh ideas.

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