Real Life Inspirational Stories: Al Pacino

Have you heard one of these real life inspirational stories about Al Pacino?  This famous Hollywood superstar Al Pacino once used to sell his body for a home when he was a struggling actor in Sicily, Italy.

"real life inspirational stories"It was his struggling days back in Sicily back in 1960 after he dropped out of school to chase his dream of becoming a movie star. The Godfather star Al Pacino revealed this dark shameful past to New York Post’s gossip columnist Cindy Adams.

Al Pacino dropped out Manhatten’s High School for the Performing Arts at age seventeen. He went to worked as  delivery boy, porter, usher, apartment-building superintendent.

This American film and stage actor started out acting in basement plays in New York’s theatrical underground. Then he joined the Herbert Bergh of Studio (HB Studio), were he met acting teacher Charlie Laughton, who became his mentor.

During his stuggling years, Al Pacino was mostly unemployed and homeless. He had slept on the street, in theaters, and at friends’ houses.

Even though Al Pacino was already an established actor, after his glowing success with “The Godfather” movies, “Serpico” and “Dog Day Afternoon” and “Scarface”, but his acting career stumbled with the Colonial-era drama called “Revolution” in 1985.  In this movie, he played as a Scottish immigrant. The movie wasn’t well received and he was so deeply devastated that Al Pacino didn’t make a single movie for four years.

Al Pacino told Newsweek, that during that time, he considered selling his house for the money. At that “sabbatical break” he spent his time spent in the wilderness away from Hollywood, to regain his confidence and bearings. Then he bounced back stronger than ever before.

His many works which include The Godfather trilogy, Sea of Love, Scent of a Woman , Donnie Brasco, and his award-winning TV movies.

Al Pacino’s favorite quote, from Requiem by Rainer Maria Rilke: “Who speaks of triumph? To endure is everything.”