Living A Good Life: Grow Younger, Live Longer

If you intend on living a good life, physically, mentally and spiritually, then follow the ten steps to reverse aging as suggested in Deepak Chopra’s book “Grow Younger, Live Longer”.

"living a good life with deepak chopra"

1. Changing your perceptions.
2. Deep rest, restful awareness, and restful sleep.
3. Lovingly nurturing you body through healthy food.
4. Using nutritional complements wisely.
5. Mind/body exercises for enhancing integration.
6. Exercise: strength and aerobic conditioning.
7. Eliminating toxins from you life.
8. Cultivating flexibility and creativity in consciousness.
9. Love and loving relationships.
10. Maintaining a youthful mind.

Well, I would say the tips by Deepak Chopra above make sense to me. Nothing extraordinary, but they are good advice for living a healthier and less stressful life. That’s living a good life.

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