How To Get Yourself Out Of Sleep Paralysis, Lucid Dreams, False Awakenings And Other Related Issues

Here are some quick tips on how to wake up from a lucid dream, get out from sleep paralysis and false awakenings, how to prolong lucid dreaming and other advice related to sleep and lucid dreams:

how to get out from sleep paralysis

1. If you want to wake up from a lucid dream, shut your eyes tightly and forcefully tell yourself to wake up.

2. If you suddenly wake from your lurid dream, and you want to re-enter it, this is what you do: Keep your body still and quickly close your eyes. Think back where you let off and it will slip back into your dream. Click the following link to find out when is the best time to have a lurid dream.

3. To verify that you in a lurid dream, just do a simple a reality check, by trying to levitate off the ground. If you can do it, then you know you are in a dream.

4. One simple way to stabilize or prolong your lucidity, so you can keep dreaming is by looking at your hands, or at the surrounding in your dreamscape.

5. To overcome sleep paralysis, the first thing is don’t fight it. It will only scare yourself further. Don’t panic and stay relaxed. Try wriggling your fingers or toes. You can also try to move your jaw, clench and unclench your fist, scrunch up your face or blink your eyes.

Once you get out from sleep paralysis, quickly sit up, or get out of bed, and do something for awhile. Don’t keep lying on the bed, it will come again.

6. To prevent having sleep paralysis, keep a regular sleeping schedule. (I usually have it if I go to bed late). Have proper rest and manage your daily stress level.

7. One way to know that you’re having a false awakening is when you’re wondering to yourself:”Is this a dream or not?”. Then yes, you’re in a dream.

8. One way to force yourself to wake up from a false awakening is by opening and closing your eyes repeatedly.

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