I Just Hold Up The Lamp is a human-interest blog which covers a wide spectrum of topics relating to important issues in human life.

It ranges from self-motivation, productivity, creativity, wisdom to mindset, humor, happiness, simple living, death, relationship and other life related issues.

Purpose Of I Just Hold Up The Lamp

To explore, understand and enlighten you about our thoughts and actions. In short, what makes us tick.

i just hold up the lampAs the name of the blog suggests, I just shed light on the subjects and it’s up to you choose your own life path.

It’s all up to you. The choice is yours. What you want out of your life at your own terms.

I hope the illuminating insights from the articles will inspire you or provoke you to contemplate and introspect.

Well, probably you may decide to change the way you live.

You can contact me at: kertoon@yahoo.com or connect with me over at Twitter or Google+.